Funny Wedding Stories

February 27, 2013

Funny Wedding Stories

Funny Wedding Stories

First Funny Wedding Stories; In 2010, a Russian wedding ended in tragedy after a game of Russian roulette went wrong, leaving one guest with a life-threatening gunshot wound to his head. A home video of the wedding in Astrakhan, southern Russia, shows a grinning friend of the groom unexpectedly pulling a pistol from his waistband, putting it to his temple and squeezing the trigger. The gun emits only a clicking sound and the smiling gunman asks who else wants to try his luck.

Another guest is shown taking up the offer, but this time the trick goes wrong. The second man pulls the trigger and immediately collapses to the floor as the gun releases a rubber bullet into his skull at point-blank range. He was reported to be fighting for his life.


Brides Joke

A bride who jokingly replied ‘I don’t’ during her wedding found that her joke backfired slightly – as the registrar then refused to go ahead with the ceremony. As a result, the entire wedding had to be cancelled, and the guests sent home.

Tina Albrecht, 27, was to marry fiancé Dietmar Koch, 29, at a castle in Steyr, Upper Austria. But the wedding had to be called off after Albrecht, a receptionist, tried to bring a bit of humour into the ceremony by saying ‘I don’t’, before immediately correcting herself. Under an Austrian law intended to prevent forced marriages if either party replies to the key question in the negative the wedding is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled for a further 10 weeks. This is probably my favourite of Funny Wedding Stories.


Flowers caused a plane to crash

The traditional throwing of a bride’s bouquet for luck ended in disaster at an Italian wedding when the flowers caused a plane to crash. The bride and groom had hired a microlight plane to fly past and throw the bouquet to a line of women guests. However, the flowers were sucked into the plane’s engine causing it to catch fire and explode. The aircraft plunged into a hostel. One passenger on the plane was badly hurt. But about 50 people who had been in the hostel escaped unscathed, as did the pilot. Isidoro Pensieri, who tossed the bouquet from the plane, suffered multiple fractures and was taken to a hospital in Pisa. For other Funny Wedding Stories, see later blogs.



choosing your wedding photographer

February 18, 2013

Your Wedding Photographs are absolutely essential if you want an accurate record of the Day but how do you go about choosing your wedding photographer ? After the day has passed, the pictures will be treasured for generations, and the only commemoration of the thousands of hours and pounds spent to plan the most important day of your life. Other than the choice of a spouse, the choice of the wedding photographer is the most important wedding-related decision you will make, and is not to be taken lightly. Following these steps can help you select the best photographer to record your Big Day. 


choosing your wedding photographer

How long you would like the photographer

Perhaps you only need photographs of your ceremony so having just 1-3 hours of photography may be enough for you.  Other couples may prefer a complete package that may include a pre-wedding engagement sessions, bridal portraits and newlywed photos. This one of the dilemma’s in choosing your wedding photographer.


What style would you like?

Would you look for a traditional approach with mostly posed images? Or do you prefer lots of candid shots in which the subject may not even know he or she is being photographed? Do you like the glamour approach of fashion photography? Would you prefer a photographer who combines all of these styles (a freestyle or eclectic wedding photographer)?


How many Photographs would you like

Some photographers may provide you with under 100 images to remember your wedding day by. Higher-end photographers often capture thousands of images (generally from 1,000 to 3,000) for you to keep forever.


What would you like to do with the images?

Do you plan to purchase just an album for yourself, or also pictures for your walls, prints to give to friends and family, or even put the images on stationery, invitations, calendars, mugs, T-shirts, and magnets? So be aware and enjoy choosing your wedding photographer

Childrens Portrait Photography using natural light and no flash

February 11, 2013

This is Childrens Portrait Photography. 

I took these pictures of friend’s sweet girl when we last had warm sun!


Childrens Portrait Photography

When researching techniques, I found  Summer Lyn had some good advice on Childrens Portrait Photography

As a professional photographer who specializes in kids, Summer Lyn has an arsenal of tested, proven, no-doubt-about-it successful techniques, strategies, plans and approaches for getting the best images of her clients’ children.

But when it comes to photographing her own kids…pretty much none of it will work.

Childrens Portrait Photography

“My kids see me every day, so nothing I do or say is new or interesting to them,” Summer says. And make no mistake—being interesting is the first and most important key to getting great pictures.

Fortunately, Summer says it’s the easiest part of her job because it just comes naturally. “Babies, toddlers, older kids—they can see through you if you’re not really interested in them. When people ask me, ‘How do you do it?’ I always tell them, ‘Just get to know the kids. Kids are fun, they’re intriguing. If you get to know them, you’re going to capture them.”

Childrens Portrait Photography

Childrens Portrait Photography

“I always approach with the camera,” Summer says. “I’ll have it in my hands or around my neck when I get out of the car at their house. So it’s never that I’m around the children, getting to know them and then I suddenly pull out this big, black box and put it in front of my face. I have the camera in sight always, so they know its part of me.”

The very fact that there’s a camera in sight can make her interesting to the child. “Part of it is having them want to know about me: ‘What’s this girl all about? What is she doing?’ ”

Childrens Portrait Photography

Childrens Portrait Photography

Even though the camera is in plain sight, she will give the kids some time to get to know her before she starts taking pictures. “I give them that space, that warm-up time to build some trust. Trust has to come first.”

Then there’s timing. “I need to work around the child’s schedule, need to know when the child naps. If she naps at 1:00 and gets up at 2:30, then she can have a quick lunch and she’s ready. She’s not tired, she’s well fed—that’s the basic. The times [for the shoot] are always set up around well-rested, well-fed babies…or else you’re going to get some tantrums.”

Endearing Nursery School photography

February 6, 2013

Endearing Nursery School photography. We are a small company, specialising in nursery age school photography. We give an individual service to each nursery and achieve stunning photographs that reflect the child’s character.

Endearing Nursery School photographyDSC_0058

Endearing Nursery School photography

A natural background is set up and soft lighting is used to achieve beautiful photographs. A group picture is often taken at the beginning of the session. This also provides an opportunity for the children to get used to the photographer. The individual portraits follow as the children look on in small groups. We offer a very attentive and thorough service (such as fast delivery).

The usual ordering system is where we offer several different examples of each child. These are printed at 7” x 5” size (prices start at £5.00 for a 6” x 4”picture) that parent’s use to chose which pictures they would like. They may order various sizes, and copies or they can return those prints back to us. These can be black and white. The same prices apply to groups. The completed order forms, the original prints and payment for each child is then placed in the child’s own envelope and left with the staff. This way, there is very little paper work involved by the nursery as orders are contained in their own envelope. 10% of the takings are returned to the school. So for Endearing Nursery School photography;

Please contact us to arrange an appointment to see our work or if you have any queries.

The best Wedding Venues

February 3, 2013

Being from the area I do favour the Borough of Richmond and so think we do have the best Wedding venues . This green and picturesque area offers some the most unique and beautiful places to marry in.

The best Wedding Venues

A couple’s venue is so important for the day. I look for convenience for you and your guests, a beautiful setting . And most importantly, attentive and efficient staff to help the day go smoothly.

The friendly Richmond Registry Office registrars are based at Paradise Road, Richmond and attend some of the areas most famous houses and best hotels in the area. Richmond Park is half a mile away for one of my favourite places, Pembroke Lodge, as mentioned earlier. Ham House has the splendour and style to really make your wedding portraits stand out. It’s tucked away on the riverside in Petersham. Marble Hill house is on the other side of the river, in Twickenham.  These are just the best locations for wedding photography.

The best Wedding Venues

The Richmond Gate Hotel is one my favourite hotels. Its perched on the top of Richmond Hill so is just minutes from the Parks gate. It has parking and just has a smart, tasteful and comfortable atmosphere. I’ve taken many wedding photographs here. The receptions here have been bright and colourful events in the conservatory. The garden is a pleasant extension of the conservatory for people to relax and children to stretch their legs.


One the advantages of this (and the Richmond Hill Hotel next to it) are that you have the breath taking views of the Thames just across the road.


The best Wedding Venues

Some free goodies

The hotels having a wedding fair soon. I’ll check on the dates as I’ve displayed my work there before and provided chocolate covered strawberries