Endearing Nursery School photography

February 6, 2013

Endearing Nursery School photography. We are a small company, specialising in nursery age school photography. We give an individual service to each nursery and achieve stunning photographs that reflect the child’s character.

Endearing Nursery School photographyDSC_0058

Endearing Nursery School photography

A natural background is set up and soft lighting is used to achieve beautiful photographs. A group picture is often taken at the beginning of the session. This also provides an opportunity for the children to get used to the photographer. The individual portraits follow as the children look on in small groups. We offer a very attentive and thorough service (such as fast delivery).

The usual ordering system is where we offer several different examples of each child. These are printed at 7” x 5” size (prices start at £5.00 for a 6” x 4”picture) that parent’s use to chose which pictures they would like. They may order various sizes, and copies or they can return those prints back to us. These can be black and white. The same prices apply to groups. The completed order forms, the original prints and payment for each child is then placed in the child’s own envelope and left with the staff. This way, there is very little paper work involved by the nursery as orders are contained in their own envelope. 10% of the takings are returned to the school. So for Endearing Nursery School photography;

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