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April 5, 2013

Are wedding fairs worth while for wedding couples looking for a London wedding photographer and other suppliers? I have exhibited at fairs myself, as a wedding supplier, but are wedding fairs worth while?  I’ve done many. Some have given me several bookings but others have resulted in no bookings at all. I’ve enjoyed this one below at the Richmond Gate hotel and Kingston’s Hotel Antoinette.


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I found this interesting article on couples, by Kelley at Boho weddings;

Do they get much out of them? Do they like that one too one contact with the supplier? Or do the time poor couple now wish to do all of their research on the internet??

 Wedding exhibitions

On the other side of things do the suppliers get much from these wedding exhibitions anymore? Are there enough couples to go around the ever growing amount of wedding fairs that take place every weekend? And does the rising cost of exhibiting put people off for the return they get back?

Personally I have exhibited at wedding fairs, some good some bad. Some I’ve had a good response from, some absolutely nothing!
I would love to be in the position to be able to afford to exhibit every weekend, to go through the huge list of fairs that are on and cherry pick the best ones, but at £150 – £200+ for the average stand it just isn’t possible. The sales call will say ‘well if you make one booking on the day, it pays for itself’…..that’s far enough but what if there are no bookings? What if the event hasn’t been publicised well enough and not enough people turn up? Then what??


Bride or Groom Inspiration?

And then there are the bigger exhibitions the ones that you have to pay to get into. Are these any better? There are fantastic ones that do a great job, where you can spend all day and really come away feeling as a bride or groom that you have got a lot of varied information and are ready to make some strong decisions on which suppliers you want to work with. Some offer a discount on the day if you book there and then. However there are other big exhibitions that just don’t take enough care to invite the right suppliers, or the right amount of each supplier. No bride or groom wants to go to an exhibition hall full of photographers and dress shops and not much else, they want choice and variety……and so does the exhibitor who has spent thousands for a stand!


London Wedding Photographer David Stubbs

I think the first to do is look at photographers wedding photos , ask friends and colleagues for recommendations and then meet as many you really should speak with as many photographers as possible. You can get helpful advice  London wedding photographer David Stubbs. My London wedding photography experience ensures a smooth and happy wedding photography service, giving you exactly what you want. Call me for an informal, get to know you chat on 07976 237 673 today. Alternatively, complete my contact form now.

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